HaloFit™ - Weighted Hoop
HaloFit™ - Weighted Hoop
HaloFit™ - Weighted Hoop

HaloFit™ - Weighted Hoop

Halofit™ is your fun fat-loss buddy – start your journey that's all about results and smiles!

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6 Reasons to Start your journey today! 

1. Rapid fat melting!

Finally, want to lose that extra layer before summertime hits? The Halofit™ makes it fun and easy to work out and lose weight from home! Whether you are at home or traveling, just strap in and go! 

2. Small steps, Big change!

Want to start getting active but don’t want a full-blown workout? Watch TV or listen to music while enjoying an effective workout. 30 minutes using the Halofit™ is equivalent to going on a two-mile run from your living room! 

3. Fast fitness anywhere. 

It’s never been easier to get a quick and easy workout from the comfort of your home home. Don’t waste time planning your day around the gym. Enjoy a hands-free effective and fast workout from home. 

4. Set up in no time

Setting up our weighted hula hoop has never been easier! Remember to sqweeze, twist, and pull to take off a link! Just see for yourself!

5. Easy track method. 

Never be confused about your progress! Track your progress by counting how many links you have! Removing 1 link from your Halofit™ is the equivalent of losing 2 inches from your waist! 


6. Ready for the challenge?

Try the Halofit™ 30-Day Challenge! If you don’t lose a link you get your money back! Free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! 
HaloFit™ - Weighted Hoop

HaloFit™ - Weighted Hoop

Regular price $39.99 USD
Regular price $69.99 USD Sale price $39.99 USD


Here are some of our most commonly asked questions!

Will i really lose fat?

Absolutely! Let Halofit™ be your trusty companion in staying on track with your links! Reach your desired weight just in time for that summer glow-up. Let's kickstart this exciting journey together today! Just remember to always keep up with your routine!

Maximum size?

48 in / 121 cm

New goal? It's possible!
Do you ship to my country?

We offer free shipping worldwide!

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What's in my order?
  • 1 x Halofit™
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Screwdriver
Don't like your order?

We offer a Free 30-day Money Back Guarantee! Please contact our customer service before sending back any orders for money back or exchanges.